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Mary’s Square, Munich, Germany


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Marienplatz (Mary’s square) Munich, Germany.

During the Middle Ages markets and other ceremonies took place in this crowded square. In 1638 a column with a golden statue of Virgin Mary was erected to celebrate the end of the swedish occupation in Bavaria during the 30 years’ war. It is, in deed, this column (Mariensäule, german for Mary’s column) that gives the square its name. The square is surrounded by the New City Hall and the Old City Hall. This place is definitely worth a visit.

If you ever  find yourself in this amazing city, you should totally join the free tour that starts every day from Mary’s Square. It last 3 hours more or less but you’ll understand a lot of german culture and traditions.

I’ve taken the tour 4 times (3 times in english and 1 in spanish) and I’ve enjoyed it every single time. Eventhough all the tour guides are great, I think you’ll have a funnier walk through the city with Virginia.

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